SAHM vs Working

So recently I decided to do the math again and see what the difference was between me working full time and how much we pay in daycare. For a full year of daycare vs a full year of pay after taxes…


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Pink Rose Picture Writing Prompt

Public domain

Writing prompts are great ways to help your creative juices get flowing. It might be just a thought or a word that inspires your imagination. A writing prompt can be a sentence, a picture, a memory, or an event.

Here, we have a picture of a pink rose. A simple picture. Yet so many stories could come from it.

Look at the picture above. What do you think is happening? What story could this rose give you?

If you can’t think of anything, we have a few ideas for you. Below are ideas sorted by genre. Use them freely to create your own story. Don’t worry if it is only a short story. The length doesn’t matter.

Use these for yourself. Use them for a student. Use them for an assignment. Enjoy them and use them as a launching pad for your own unique ideas.

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