The Simple Yet Profound Way to Approach Success

What does success mean to you? Is it a fulfilling relationship? A career with stability and good prospects? A healthy body and mind? We all have made up our own definition of success along the way…


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Blended Family Counseling With Husband And Wife And Three Children

Have you ever wondered if blended family counseling would be something for you and your family?

In a Native American blended family, it is a good idea to understand who is a part of the family. It may be important to invite Grandma, or even uncle into a session if they have a part in teaching/disciplining the children.

As a Native American woman, my family was not living close to us, so it was not an issue, even though we (kids and I) had adopted a grandma and an uncle, at this time they were not involved in teaching or discipline.

My husband and I were both in our second marriage. We each had a child and children. Three children altogether and they were siblings from the beginning of our dating. My children accepted his child as their brother and his child accepted my children like his brother and sister.

I worked as a substance abuse counselor at the time that we decided to attend family counseling and I was somewhat familiar with the counselor as she would do an occasional lecture at the treatment center I worked at. She was Native American and understood the culture and I liked that.

My husband was a pharmaceutical representative, selling cardiac and respiratory medications. Because of that, he was on the road and not home all the time.

I thought our family could use some attention to blending and that is what we got. It was just six sessions with the youngest kids being involved in 3 and husband, I, and our oldest then in a session, and the husband and I in two additional sessions for a total of six meetings.

When our session started, the first thing that happened after brief introductions is that the kids together drew a family picture. That worked even though I wasn’t sure if it would. My daughter, the middle child drew me larger than her stepfather and she was in-between her brothers as the next largest in the picture. Her dad and his mom were smaller figures on the edge of the picture.

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