Blended Family Counseling With Husband And Wife And Three Children

In a Native American blended family, it is a good idea to understand who is a part of the family. It may be important to invite Grandma, or even uncle into a session if they have a part in…


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The Simple Yet Profound Way to Approach Success

Lessons from Deepak Chopra

What does success mean to you? Is it a fulfilling relationship? A career with stability and good prospects? A healthy body and mind? We all have made up our own definition of success along the way, but it’s so important to take stock of how you are approaching the journey and to learn to enjoy the process of becoming who you are, rather than chasing after a goal for the sake of it.

It deeply moved and enlightened me when I realised success could be so simple. At the end of the day, if you look at all the things we strive for — whether it’s a relationship, career or anything else, we do that so as to feel joy and fulfilment. If that’s the end goal, so why don’t we start from there?

Why not start with joy?

Based on Deepak’s research about abundance and joy, nearly half of our joy is determined by our daily choices and actions. We have so much that we can tap into right here and now. What I’m learning more and more each day is to build that deep trust and connection with myself, that unshakeable knowing that things will always work out for me.

Tapping into joy starts with simple awareness. And with awareness comes choice. Choices that can either empower you, disempower you or keep things status quo. And what will you choose?

We all like to set big goals and look into the future, hoping that the day of reaching a certain goal would mean that we are successful, and ‘look successful’. I’ve put ‘look’ as our society has conditioned us with expectations of a certain way to be and to achieve, which we all tend to take it on unconsciously.

But the years of societal and personal expectations takes time to unlearn. And the quickest and simplest way you can help yourself with this is to make time for things that brings you joy each day. Trust that the best thing you can do for your future is to be present, and to feel good now.

From my personal experience, things start to flow and align when you maintain a state of positive expectations…

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