The Lifehacking Rulebook

Growing up I hated rules… with a passion! Even today I tend to gravitate towards fighting back against any rules imposed (mostly at work). But as of recently, I’ve discovered a new use for rules…


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Challenges we might faced during learning

Life is full of challenges. When ever we are going to learn new thing or activity we might face a lot of challenges like the fear of failure etc. It’s the hurdle of our path to success and stops us from getting something new.

I have faced a lot of challenges while learn something about new and try to learn something new.

1- Failure feels bad.

2- There’s always a strong feeling of uncertainty.

I am now able to overcome the challenges I might faced while learning new things in my life. By using following techniques I am able to overcome upon these issues:

1- Small Focuses.

2-Flip Failure on Its Head.

3-Find Enjoyment in the Process.

4- Learn to Relish Uncertainty.

I have made draft a first when ever I face a challenge while learning new things. It will help to identify my weal points. After this I can use above mentioned techniques to overcome upon the challenges I usually faced.

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