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SAHM vs Working

So recently I decided to do the math again and see what the difference was between me working full time and how much we pay in daycare. For a full year of daycare vs a full year of pay after taxes there was only a two thousand dollar difference. Two thousand dollars for twelve months.

This is astounding to me. I almost debated the idea of leaving my job and just being a SAHM. However, I know how much daycare has really helped my oldest son grow and learn and socialize with other children. I also see how well the people there take care of my boys. Yes it is quiet expensive and it does suck that they are there for ten hours a day but I know it isn’t permanent.

Before I know it JJ will be off to kindergarten and Colton too. So the way I have to look at it is this is temporary. And I hate being stuck home twenty four seven so there’s that and not to mention the fact that I absolutely love my job even if it drives me crazy from time to time.

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