Am I the Me I See

On the wonderous wings of wisdom. “Am I the Me I See” is published by B. L. Teague in The Protean Journal.


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I Was Inactive On Medium For 28 Days To Activate My Side Hustles!

Let me show you my progress.

It was after September 21, I felt kind of burned out from writing on Medium. Also, I had to work on some other side hustles. Some failed and some worked.

I worked on a print-on-demand website and uploaded one design of Michael Myers because Halloween was near.

I also worked on my Medium theme blog. I made some money using that and it works, to be honest.

Maybe, I’ll try that theme blog method again, let’s see what happens.

One of the important projects I’m working on is growing my YouTube channel.

It’s a gaming channel, actually. The name of the channel is Junaid Mustafa Gaming.

It is working well as of now.

I uploaded a few long-form videos on it but right now, I’m just going with YouTube shorts and it is working fine and giving me results as shown below:

The picture is provided by the author

As you can see above, it’s working well, right?

Now, let me show you my Medium stats (The stats are from September to the moment I’m writing this story).

I hope you liked my story and that it’ll prove to be helpful to you in any way possible.

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