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Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek 2021

Shey Phoksundo Lake Trekking in Nepal — 2021, Among many famous exotic lakes in Nepal, Shey Phoksundo lake is one of them situated at 3,611.5 m above sea level in Dolpa district. This lake is situated within the boundaries of Shey Phoksundo National park. Phoksundo is an alpine freshwater lake which is also considered sacred by the followers of Buddhist and Bon-Po religions, making the trek an amazing mix of nature and culture. Shey Phoksundo trek is a short and very adventurous trekking route. Dolpa has been an isolated region of Nepal for many years. This may be the reason for Dolpa to intact its natural beauty for so long. It is truly one of the most delightful trekking routes in Nepal.
Shey Phoksundo Trek leads you to the mystic land of Dolpa. The less-traveled path, the off beaten trail, dramatic landscapes, mountains, and the rural landscapes can bring true inner peace for the travelers. Dense alpine forest followed by wild rivers, rocky hills, and snow-clad mountains is some of the natural beauty destine to be seen during this trek.
Along with soul healing natural beauty, diverse culture, and tradition of Dolpa region is like icing on the cake. People of this region mainly follow Buddhism and Bon-Po religion which is unique of its own kind. On the way, we can witness a few gun pas, stupas, and monasteries reflecting the religious beliefs and practices in this religion. Dolpa is one of the most difficult region of Nepal. Throughout this trekking route, we can notice laborious and hardworking people of the Dolpa region which has made them able to survive such daily hardship in their lifestyle. Trails to follow during this trek

Day 01: Arrival Day
Day 02: Fly to Nepalgunj
Day 03: Fly to Jhupal and trek to Suligad
Day 04: Trek to Chekpa
Day 05: Trek to Amchi Hospital
Day 06: Trek to Phoksundo Lake
Day 07: A day in Phoksundo Lake
Day 08: Trek to Chekpa
Day 09: Trek to Dunai
Day 10: Trek to Jhupal
Day 11: Fly to Nepalgunj and then to Kathmandu
Day 12: Departure Day

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