I Was Inactive On Medium For 28 Days To Activate My Side Hustles!

It was after September 21, I felt kind of burned out from writing on Medium. Also, I had to work on some other side hustles. Some failed and some worked. I worked on a print-on-demand website and…


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3 Secrets to Get Your Followers to Engage With You Every time

So you are on your way to becoming a social media influencer, you are working hard to create amazing content your follower count is growing everyday, and you’re even having fun doing it! But there is one problem. You aren’t seeing the amount of followers match up with the amount of likes and comments you get on your pictures! You just aren’t getting enough engagement for how much work you are putting into it. This can be really disheartening and even lead you to want to give up. But don’t! You can fix this problem easily.

Here are my 3 secrets to getting your followers to engage with you.

1. ASK them to engage by asking questions

This may seem simple but a lot of people aren’t doing it! Many people just post pictures with a nice little caption about their day and expect people to comment on the picture. This is no way to get people to engage with you! If you want comments on your pictures you have to ask for them. Every single time.

At the beginning or end of your post, as a question such as, “what are you doing this weekend?”, “What is your favorite restaurant to eat at?”, or any question that has to do with your post. This will DOUBLE the engagement that you are getting on your posts, and it is very simple.

2. Engage with your followers on their Instagram page

When you are new to social media, sometimes it is hard to get people to pay attention to what you are posting. If this is the case, a great way to change that is to pay attention to what THEY are posting. If you care about them and their life, often times they will notice that and in turn care about you and what you are posting! Comment on a few of their pictures, and I can almost guarantee that they will return the favor.

3. Be consistent

If you are only posting every couple of weeks people are going to be like, “who is this person?…” and then just overlook your posts. One of the greatest tips I could give you is to post consistently, and post consistent content. This means to try to have a theme that your followers can recognize is you when they see it. Once they can recognize you just by your voice and your style, they will become familiarized with you, feel like they know you, and want to engage with you.

Try out these 3 tips and let me know how it is working for you!

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