We should be optimistic about European Technology

Dr Mike Lynch for Cambridge News on why we should be optimistic about European Technology a sector of financial strength, creative impetus and moral backbone. An American venture capitalist has been…


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The Lifehacking Rulebook

Growing up I hated rules… with a passion! Even today I tend to gravitate towards fighting back against any rules imposed (mostly at work). But as of recently, I’ve discovered a new use for rules, Lifehacks. But with the goldfish memory of mine, I tend to forget them pretty quickly. To help keep me on track, and hopefully bring some inspiration to the next person, I’ve decided to list out every new rule I implement. Every morning I’ll sit down, re-read the previously writing rules and craft the next one. Ultimately I hope to be able to use this as an awesome resource whenever I need to take a big life step.

Daily Rules:

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